All Michigan voters should have confidence that our voice will be heard and our vote counted no matter what political party or candidate we support, where we live or what we look like. The Promote the Vote 2022 ballot initiative will enhance the integrity and security of our elections by modernizing how we administer elections to ensure every vote counts. The common-sense solutions in the Promote the Vote 2022 ballot initiative will make voting more convenient and secure especially for working parents, military families who move frequently or get deployed overseas, elderly voters, voters with disabilities, and rural voters who live or work far from their polling location.

Who We Are

A coalition of organizations and individuals committed to ensuring Michigan has a voting system that works for all of us.


Who Is Eligible to Sign the Promote the Vote 2022 Petition?

Those who wish to support Promote the Vote 2022 and sign the petition, must fulfill all the following requirements.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • US Citizen
  • Registered to Vote in the State of Michigan

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can do so online at //