Alpena News: Promote the Vote helps our democracy

The League of Women Voters is partnering with Promote the Vote 2022 on a common sense ballot proposal that would amend our state constitution to:

∫ Allow nine days of early voting

∫ Publicly subsidize absentee ballots and a tracking system for the ballot location

∫ Continue to allow voters to sign an affidavit attesting to their identity if they don’t have ID

∫ Allow publicly disclosed public sources and charities to help fund elections

∫ Allow voters to register for absentee ballots for all future elections

∫ Require a secure drop box for every municipality

∫ Establish that post-election audits can only be conducted by state and local officials

The right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy. In 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly (67% to 33%) passed Proposition 3 to increase access to the ballot. Please sign the Promote the Vote petition.


President, League of Women Voters of Northeast Michigan

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