Michigan business leaders endorse Proposal 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, Oct. 28, 2022
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Michigan business leaders endorse Proposal 2

Ballot initiative will modernize Michigan elections

Lansing, Mich. – Michigan business leaders, companies and associations today announced their support for Proposal 2, a ballot initiative that will modernize elections to make them more secure and accessible to eligible voters.

The support from Michigan’s business community comes after the Detroit Regional Chamber announced its endorsement of Proposal 2.

Comprising CEOs in the automotive industry, health care, infrastructure, private equity, corporate law, and manufacturing, these leaders are backing Proposal 2 out of a recognition that a strong and reliable democracy is a crucial underpinning to a thriving economy that grows jobs.

“This is a crucial moment for Michigan,” said Dennis W. Archer Jr., Chairman and CEO of sixteen42 Ventures and past Board Chair of the Detroit Regional Chamber. “Adoption of Proposal 2 will usher in an era of stability and enhance Michigan’s commitment to democracy, access to voting, and economic strength. I encourage my fellow business and civic leaders, and all of our state’s citizens, to embrace our shared belief in the ideals of democracy and equality and vote YES on Proposal 2.”

“As CEO of a 170-year-old law firm working to attract the best and the brightest to Michigan, I believe strongly that we need to stand up and advocate for modern, secure and impartial elections across Michigan,” said Megan Norris, CEO of Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone PLC.  “Having a robust democracy where voting is accessible is important to young lawyers deciding where to locate. Proposal 2 will help guarantee the ability of every Michigan voter, regardless of what candidate they support, to be heard without intimidation, harassment or interference.”

In addition to the above, Michigan business leaders and companies lending their name to the initiative include:

  • Carolyn Cassin, Business Association
  • Awanate Cobbina, Consumer Products Industry
  • Charity Dean, Business Association
  • Mark Douglas, Automotive Industry
  • Ron Hall, Automotive Industry
  • Brian Hermelin, Private Equity
  • Carla Holtze, Information Technology
  • David Foltyn, Law
  • Brian Peters, Healthcare Industry
  • Robert Riney, Healthcare Industry
  • Hanna Schulze, Business Association
  • Ned Staebler, Technology Industry
  • Martin Stein, Private Equity

Business associations joining the Detroit Regional Chamber in supporting Proposal 2 include MICHAuto and Metropolitan Affairs Coalition.

Promote the Vote 2022, the campaign supporting Proposal 2, noted the key provisions of the ballot initiative:

  • Recognize the fundamental right to vote without harassing conduct.
  • Require military or overseas ballots to be counted if postmarked by Election Day.
  • Continue current law that provides voters the right to verify identity with photo ID or signed statement.
  • Provide the voter right to a single application to vote absentee in all elections.
  • Require state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes, and postage for absentee applications and ballots.
  • Provide that only election officials may conduct post-election audits.
  • Require nine days of early in-person voting.
  • Allow donations to fund election administration, which must be disclosed.
  • Require canvass boards to certify election results based only on the official records of votes cast.

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