Promote the Vote 2022: Ensuring every eligible voter’s voice is heard and vote is counted

Promote the Vote 2022

Promote the Vote 2022 is gathering signatures from Michigan voters to qualify for the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot.

You may run into Promote the Vote 2022’s team of dedicated signature gatherers as they visit local farmers’ markets, community events, parks or a neighborhood near you.

So, what is Promote the Vote 2022?

Promote the Vote 2022 is a proposal backed by a broad-based, nonpartisan coalition that will make elections more secure, accessible and convenient, especially for seniors, military service members, rural voters and working families.

For those who haven’t done so yet please consider signing this important petition.

At PTV 2022, we believe no eligible voter should be silenced or prevented from exercising their freedom to vote. No voter should be harassed or intimidated. No busy, working parent juggling work and family or senior facing transportation challenges should be denied their vote when solutions to casting a ballot safely and securely exist, such as early in-person voting and secure drop boxes in more and convenient local locations.

Promote the Vote 2022 is a crucial step toward protecting the will of Michigan voters and our democracy.

So, if you see a signature gatherer with a Promote the Vote 2022 petition in your area, please share a smile and add your name to the fight for our democracy’s future.

For more information, please visit the FAQ portion of our website.